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Do You Qualify For Long-Term Care Benefits Through The VA?

Many wartime veterans are unfamiliar with two programs that can provide financial assistance for funding long-term care. They include the VA pension with Aid and Attendance and VA Healthcare Benefits for disabled Veterans. At Jurist Law Group, PLLC, we have a strong track record of success helping veterans and their spouses claim these important benefits. On this page, you can read eligibility information for both programs. Even if you don’t meet all qualifications, it may still be worthwhile to contact us to discuss your options during an initial consultation. We can answer your questions and provide case-specific advice and guidance.

Eligibility For VA Pension With Aid And Attendance

Below are the financial, medical and service criteria you must meet in order to be eligible.

Financial Criteria

A Veteran or Surviving Spouse must meet an income and net worth test. The qualifications for this are as follows:

  1. Income Test: To qualify for the maximum benefit, the claimant’s care and medical expenses must meet or exceed their income.
  2. Net Worth Test: To qualify, the claimant’s net worth cannot exceed $150,538 (effective thru November 2023) for the Veteran and his or her spouse, excluding the home and personal vehicles, furnishings, and belongings.

2023 Annual Maximum Benefit Rates
Veterans without dependents . . . $26,752
Married Veterans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$31,714
Surviving Spouses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $17,888

Medical Qualification Rules

The Veteran or Surviving Spouse must require:

  1. Assistance with 2 or more activities of daily living, which include:
    • Eating
    • Bathing
    • Dressing
    • Getting up and around
    • Toileting & Incontinence
  2. Or because of cognitive impairment you cannot live alone or you require a protective environment.

You will need corroboration from a treating physician when applying.

Military Service Rules

The Veteran must have:

  1. Served 90 consecutive days on active military duty;
  2. Served at least one (1) day during a wartime period;
  3. And received a better than dishonorable discharge.

Surviving Spouse Rules

A surviving spouse must:

  1. Be married to the Veteran at the time of death, and
  2. Not remarried.

The best way to determine your eligibility for this program is to speak to attorney D. Kimbro Stephens. Mr. Stephens is happy to answer your eligibility questions. He has a 99% success rate in helping veterans and their families qualify and receive VA pension benefits.

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Mr. Stephens is a trusted resource for clients in Little Rock and surrounding areas of Arkansas. When it comes to making sure that veterans and their families are able to access VA pension benefits, you can be sure that our attorneys at Jurist Law Group, PLLC, will get the job done right. To schedule your initial consultation, call us at 501-400-7355 or submit an online contact form.