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Gerda was absolutely wonderful helping my family. My mother had been denied for Medicaid and we had exhausted everything we knew to do. I contacted Gerda and she got my Mother approved in a month! The staff is very friendly and extremely helpful. I highly recommend The Jurist Law Group! You will be very pleased! Glenda S.

“I tried to get my mom VA benefits she was due to no avail! Jurist Law Group was amazing to work with. They were very helpful and walked me right through every step of the way. They were helpful even after they got my mom the full benefits she was owed. I highly recommend them.” Bernadette P.

“Very helpful professional attorneys. Always there when I needed help, Thank you so much, glad to do business with you.” Karim M.

“They are the best! We were able to get Veterans benefits for my Mother with their assistance. Well worth the money.” Jay F.

“When I needed help with my parents rapidly changing needs, they were there every time ready with the perfect solution. There were multiple needs and I was frustrated, but they had the right course of action and all is well now. Thank you.” Norman P.

“Attorney, D. Kimbro Stephens, was led to us through the Lord. We had a huge family emergency regarding my 94 year old daddy, WWII and Beach of Normandy. We live in Nevada and thought we were traveling to Little Rock Arkansas for a visit. We could not find my father because of my sibling abandoning my father at a near by hospital. So we had police officers, detective, case workers and then our blessing Kimbro. We were able to protect daddy, he is now in a fine skilled nursing home, I have POA, and then VA Assistance which Kimbro has the skills to expedite this immediately for my daddy. Can I give him a 10+; because that is what this compassionate attorney did for us. He has a flat fee rate and always here for us. Thank you Kimbro and God bless you and your staff.” Pamela C.

“The greatest group of people you will ever meet. I cannot say thank you enough for helping my mother in law receive VA benefits after my father in law passed away. The paperwork was long, confusing and tedious. Kimbro was very patient during this difficult time. He went to work and explained everything every step of the way. My Mother in Law now receives VA benefits. I highly recommend them to anyone needing assistance with elder care law. Kristi is a joy to talk with, and Kimbro is an exceptional attorney.” Tony S.

“I am a Sales Manager in Brookdale Assisted Living 2/ALZ community and Independent/Assisted Living 1 previously. He has helped many of my residents with a Will, Estates, and VAA. He has personally helped my family also. I cannot say enough good things about the kindness and work ethic of their team.” Angela H.

“Visiting Angels provides caregivers for seniors, we work with a lot of veterans or their widows; he has helped a number of our clients with Veteran’s benefit, trust, etc., the feedback I get from those folks is always positive. You always worry when you refer a client or a friend to company for particular services, hoping they don’t mess up; with Kimbro that never even crosses my mind. Thanks Kimbro for all your help & advice over the years.” Mike M.

“Great all-around service! My father now has a special pension since he is a wartime verteran. Thanks Kimbro!!” JP

“I’ve known Kimbro for several years and he’s a great Attorney. Give them a call.” Drew B.

“Mr. Stephens is a brilliant man. I am thankful for the opportunity he made through his work on and understanding of my legal issue. If you need a sharp minded attorney Mr. Stephens is as good as it gets. Thank you!!” Alice R.

Worst thing about finding an attorney is finding an attorney. I’ve dealt with more than I care to admit and honestly find the profession to be disgusting. The attorney has his fees in his mind before your best interests the majority of the time. Kimbro was different. He did what he said he would do and cared about my interests above the fees i paid for his services. He did an outstanding job and I wanted others to know the fact that not all lawyers are alike. Especially Kimbro Stephens whos aim is to do right. As hard as it is to find an honest attorney I had to review this so others wouldn’t struggle trying to find counsel when in need. You can’t go wrong with Kimbro. Kimbro handled my estate planning and created a trust to shield my assets in the event my health takes a turn for the worst I won’t be sucked dry in addition to having nothing to leave my heirs. He also handled a business dispute which stood to cost me dearly but his understanding of the law gave me the victory. I’ll also note that three other attorneys said I would lose because they didn’t know what Kimbro knows. When you have found superior intelligence, honesty, and character in an attorney you have found a needle in a haystack. Posted by anonymous, March 18, 2015 Needle in a Haystack