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Our Attorneys Can Help You Protect Your Estate Assets For Those You Love

No matter how large or small you believe your estate to be, you’ve worked hard to earn the assets in it. You should be able to pass them along to your family members and other heirs. Unfortunately, the assets gained from a lifetime of saving and responsible money management can be greatly reduced or even wiped out in your final years unless you take steps to protect them.

At Jurist Law Group, PLLC, asset protection is perhaps the most common concern that clients have when they seek the help of our estate planning attorneys. After assessing your circumstances, needs and goals, we will utilize our decades of experience to help shield your assets from the high costs of long-term medical care, estate taxes and more.

Qualifying For Medicaid Doesn’t Have To Mean Losing Everything

Medicaid is the critical government program that provides funding for most seniors who need to be in a nursing home or otherwise need long-term care. Without this vital help, the costs would simply be unaffordable to many.

Unfortunately, Medicaid has strict income and asset limits, and qualifying could mean paying out of pocket until your estate assets are thoroughly depleted. The reassuring news, however, is that careful estate planning allows many people to access Medicaid while protecting many of their assets. You can learn more by visiting our page on Medicaid planning.

Planning For Long-Term Care Can Make A Major Difference

If you are lucky enough to reach old age, you will almost certainly need long-term care at some point. Like most things in life, that care is much more affordable if you plan for it rather than reacting when the need arises.

Our firm can help you understand your various long-term care options, and we can assist you with determining the best way to afford these vital services.

Minimizing Estate Financial Liabilities And Avoiding Unnecessary Costs

Estate planning isn’t just about deciding who will inherit your assets. Effective estate planning also allows you to

  • Avoid probate of family assets
  • Avoid guardianship or court intervention of your affairs
  • Minimize estate taxes
  • Simplify or eliminate the need for probate by utilizing customized trusts and other legal instruments
  • Ensure your loved ones are not penalized with significant inheritance taxes
  • Prevent family in-fighting and potentially costly disputes over the estate

Our lawyers have decades of legal experience and an in-depth knowledge of Arkansas estate laws. If you want to maximize your available assets and ensure that they go where you want them to go, we are ready to help.

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