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What Is Elder Law or Elder Care Planning?

People use the term elder law and elder care interchangeably, though there is a difference. Elder law is really the practice of law for older people, including all of the issues that arise as folks reach their senior years, whether that’s guardianship, healthcare, estate planning, legacy planning, probate, etc., such as, if they have real estate, how will they pass it down to their kids? This is the technical side of elder law. Read more

General Information:

The Focus of Elder Law

Elder Law is an emerging specialty devoted to the legal needs of Seniors.

  • The general focus of Elder Law is enhancing the person’s control of his or her circumstances.
  • For many older persons, their single greatest fear is becoming impoverished by rising health care costs.
  • Few matters are more sensitive to older people and have a greater impact on their sense of well-being than the day-to-day control of their assets.

Issues Facing Seniors Today

  • Older Americans face an increasing number of legal questions involving:
    • entitlement to public benefits
    • protection of property interests
    • utilization of medical resources
    • financial & healthcare decisionmaking
    • legacy and estate planning
  • Increasing age usually means:
    • increasing medical costs
    • increasing caregiver burdens

Elder Law

We Know How

  • To keep you in control of your affairs.
  • To develop an estate plan to preserve your assets and protect your legacy.
  • To develop an elder care financial plan to fund and pay for long-term care.
  • To navigate the red tape of VA and Medicaid and get you the benefits you deserve.
  • To protect your hard earned savings.
  • To save your home from Medicaid.
  • To avoid probate of family assets.
  • To save taxes at death.

Elder Law Services

  • Financial Planning for Long-Term Care
  • Decision Making for Disabled Seniors
  • Legacy Planning and Protection of Assets
  • Caregiver Support and Agency Referrals.
  • Medicaid Benefits
  • Veteran’s Benefits
  • Final Expense Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Facility Referrals
  • Guardianship Proceedings
  • Probate Proceedings
  • Estate Planning

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