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Our Elder Law And Estate Planning Attorney Offers Compassionate Representation In Little Rock, AR

We Know How

  • To help you maintain control of your affairs.
  • To develop an estate plan to preserve your assets and protect your legacy.
  • To develop an elder care financial plan to fund and pay for long-term care
  • To navigate the red tape of VA and Medicaid and get you the benefits you deserve.
  • To protect your savings.
  • To save your home.
  • To avoid probate of family assets.
  • To save taxes at death.

Elder Law is a rather recently recognized legal specialty that is dedicated to the unique legal needs of America’s aging citizens. The general goal of the practice of Elder law is to preserve the older person’s control of his or her own life circumstances. For many aging Americans, the worst-case scenario is losing everything and ending up in poverty as a result of continuously rising health care costs. It is incredibly important to people and their wellbeing to retain as much day-to-day control of their life and assets as possible and that is where an elder law attorney comes in.

Closely related to elder law is estate planning, which is an ongoing legal process throughout a person’s adult life where an experienced estate planning attorney advises them on recording and enacting their final financial and healthcare wishes and ensuring that they will be honored upon their death or incapacitation. Using the appropriate legal tools and avenues that estate planning can offer you and your family is the best way to make absolute sure that your children, your spouse, your pets, and all your other loved ones will be taken care of when you are gone.

The areas of law that govern estate planning are vast and complicated. Not only that; they also have a tendency to constantly change in a very sudden manner. Not only is it important to have a Little Rock, AR estate planning attorney advise you in ensuring that all your estate planning documents and wishes are compliant with the most recently revised laws, you must also be sure that those documents stay in compliance all the way until the time of your death. Once you have identified all your wishes and shaped them into a valid estate plan, you will need to continue working on keeping it updated with your wills & trusts attorney throughout the rest of your life. If a law changes and renders all or certain aspects of your estate plan invalid, you will become privy to this fact the very next time you visit your attorney. Then, you can correct the problem, instead of leaving your loved ones with the need to find a probate attorney.

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Kimbro Stephens, Managing Attorney of the Jurist Law Group, provides expertise in  Elder Law, Estate Planning, VA Pension with Aid and Attendance, Medicaid planning, Long-Term Care Insurance Planning, Real Estate Transactions,  and Adult Guardianship.  Attorney Stephens has the honor of being an accredited attorney with the Veterans Administration allowing him to represent Veterans directly with the VA.  Give Kimbro a call with your legal needs today and get a No-Risk Free Consultation to see if Kimbro can help you.

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