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The Intersection Of Elder Law & Estate Planning

Elder law is a rather recently recognized legal specialty that is dedicated to the unique legal needs of America’s aging citizens. For many aging Americans, the worst-case scenario is losing everything and ending up in poverty because of continuously rising health care costs. An elder law attorney can look at your specific situation and offer guidance to help prevent such an outcome.

Closely related to elder law is estate planning, which is an ongoing legal process throughout a person’s adult life. Using the appropriate legal tools and avenues that estate planning can offer you and your family is the best way to make sure that your children, your spouse, your pets and all your other loved ones will be taken care of when you are gone.

Our team offers elder law, estate planning and many adjacent services to Little Rock and the surrounding area.


The goal of elder law is to preserve the older person’s control of his or her own life circumstances. We talk you through the options and help develop a plan.


We help our clients to record and enact their final financial and health care wishes in a way that ensures those wishes will be honored upon death or incapacitation.

Medicaid And Asset

Most individuals care deeply about protecting their assets from rising costs, preserving them for heirs and family.

Adult Guardianship FAQ

Adult guardianship is a legal structure that exists to help people who can no longer attend to their own daily needs or act in their own best interest—specifically, people who are considered legally incapacitated.

For Veterans

Our lead attorney has a unique relationship with the VA, allowing him to help senior veterans and their surviving spouses to obtain important financial benefits.

Reach Out For A No-Risk Conversation Today

Reach Out For A No-Risk Conversation Today

How We Help

We also offer additional special services to veterans. We can navigate the red tape of VA and Medicaid to get you the benefits you deserve.

Our lead attorney, Kimbro Stephens, has been practicing law for decades. Our entire team has deep experience in these specific areas of law, giving us the ability to guide clients.

We know how to:

Help you maintain control of your affairs.

Develop an estate plan to preserve your assets and protect your legacy.

Develop an elder care financial plan to fund and pay for long-term care.

Protect your savings.

Save your home.

Avoid probate of family assets.

Save taxes at death.

D. Kimbro Stephens, Esq.