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Medicaid Planning

Medicaid Planning Attorney Assists with Long Term Care for Your Loved Ones.

If your family member is admitted to a nursing home, it does not mean that they have to spend every dollar they have before they can receive Medicaid assistance in Little Rock, Arkansas. Medicaid requirements are very complex and technical. Any rules you don’t know about will be most certainly be used against you when you apply for benefits.

The necessary procedures can be incredibly confusing and not understanding a rule could cost you and your family many thousands of dollars. The Medicaid planning attorney at Jurist Law Group knows exactly how to create a Medicaid plan for you or your loved one and files the application for you, so that you can avoid inadvertently making expensive mistakes or causing delays.

General Information:

Jurist Law Group is here to handle all your Medicaid paperwork and lift the heavy burden of the application process from you and your family’s shoulders. We are here to provide you or your loved one with pre-qualification Medicaid planning and offer clear and experienced advice throughout the whole process. We will review your specific situation and customize a plan created just for you and your loved ones, walking you and your family through each step of the Medicaid planning and application process.

We Get You Benefits

  • We take care of all the paperwork and file the application for you.
  • We lift the burden of dealing with the Medicaid bureaucracy off family members.
  • We interface with Medicaid, prepare and prosecute your application, and take the hassle out of getting the benefit.
  • We take the burden off of family members and personally walk the application through Medicaid.
  • We provide pre-qualification planning and continued advice throughout the entire process.
  • We review your situation and tailor the best solution for you and your loved ones.
  • We walk the family through every step of the process.

We Know The Rules…and how to navigate them to save resources.

Medicaid rules are very technical and complicated and what you don’t know will be used against you when applying and getting the benefit.

We Position Your Estate… to benefit from the rules to protect assets

We look at each individual case and structure a plan to protect and minimize liquidation of assets.

Do-It-Yourself Is Not Recommended

The rules and procedures for getting Medicaid can be complex and confusing. Not understanding the rules can cost your family thousands of dollars in nursing home fees.

Let Jurist Law Group create your Medicaid plan and file your application so you can avoid the risk of making costly mistakes, delaying eligibility and wasting thousands of dollars in the process.


``You Don't Have To Go Broke In A Nursing Home!``

  • If your loved one is admitted to a nursing home, they don't have to spend their last dollar before they get Medicaid Assistance.
  • Let our experienced staff show you how.

How and When Should We Apply for Medicaid?

Well, the How? is easy: you hire me. The When? is the point at which you need long-term care, as you can’t apply for Medicaid before that point. In Arkansas, we do have Medicaid for home-based care, plus some limited Medicaid for assisted living, and then, of course, all states have Medicaid for nursing home care. Read more

Is It Too Late to Save Resources If Our Loved One Is Already in the Nursing Home?

It’s never too late to save money. If, however, you wanted to save 100% of your money, you should have started planning five years before you needed Medicaid (through a Medicaid asset protection trust). You can give assets away, but any assets you give are counted for five years against you for Medicaid purposes. Read more

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